We have reserved some single rooms in Fitzwilliam College (standard for £48 per night and semi-ensuite for £57 per night) and Jesus College (ensuite for £69 per night). These rooms are now fully booked. More College rooms can be found on Cambridge Rooms. (Churchill College and Robinson College are both very close to the Maths department.)

We have some funding available to subsidise the cost of accommodation for about 12 PhD students, some of which is particularly earmarked for students studying in the UK. Students should in the first instance ask their University for funding, but if further funding is needed, they should contact the conference organisers via ct2014 at math dot cam dot ac dot uk.

Accommodation suitable for couples or families can be found for example through Visit Cambridge or Cambridge Bed and Breakfasts, or places such as If you can't find something within reasonable walking distance of the Maths department, you can try looking for something on the Uni4 bus route (mainly Hills Road south of the railway bridge). Uni4 and Citi4 are the only routes that go near the Maths department.

Hotel suggestions

If you want some further suggestions for hotels or other accommodation suitable for couples or families, please contact the organisers via ct2014 at maths dot cam dot ac dot uk.

Please bear in mind that the Tour de France is coming through Cambridge on the 7th of July, so it is advisable to book accommodation early if you do not want to make use of one of our pre-booked rooms.